I played the U.K. version of Secret Files: Tunguska to write this walkthrough, and experienced no problems. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for. Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough. Secret Files: Tunguska (PC) Guide by Grawl grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com 05/20/ For Secret Files: Tunguska on the Wii, FAQ/Walkthrough by THayes.

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Give the camera to the girl. It is used on the right door in the hospital operating room. Place the rat on the guard. We got a truckload of new ko,plettlsung entries we can finally check now.

I took the liberty of capitalising each word, thus: Komplettlsjng wakes up when he smells the fish, but now he demands some lemon before he will eat it. Use the piece of metal and hot key on the locked door.

Now comes the part where you really have to suspend your disbelief. Get the small stone below the crack in the wall. Go back outside and retrieve the Lemon from the crate that fell off the truck. Get the pebble at the right side of the area. It is combined with the blowgun to make the poisoned blowgun. A short time later a cataclysmic explosion with a magnitude greater than Hiroshima bombs shook the stillness of the endless stretches of kopmlettlsung mid-Siberian komplettlsun.


Present the Copied Pictures to Sabrina, and now she owes you a favour. Hold the mold in front of the camera above the radiator. It won’t open this door yet, because the keyhole is blocked with ice. Pick up this Nut.

Russia, Hospital Oleg meets Max outside the military hospital where Nina has been taken, and now you take control of Max, the goal being to get Nina out of the hospital. Grab the [Portable cassette player] and look at it to find [Batteries]. Go outside tungkska the ramp and enter the number seen on the picture on the keypad stand – 2 5 1 3. They are combined with the pointed stone to make the sharp scissors. Enter museum and go up to Max office. He needs a permit to let you on board.

Walk up the stairs to the left. Use the wet flag to take it from the fireplace and give it to Klaus.

Use the tapper and the nut on the valve at the right side of the radiator. Search the wooden crate next to the Wartburg to find double-sided tape and a tube of glue. Poor Perez is completely deranged. Now take the Flask from the machine to the right in your father’s office.

Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough

Use thread with small stone to get tied up stone. Use the motorcycle and select Oleg’s house. A mechanism is triggered. He then takes you to his office, where he says all of the contents from room 8 are now residing. Enter the galley on the left.


Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough

Exit the room and open the door to Nina’s room. Use the cell phone on Max to call the ambulance. Exit the view of the desk. Return to the courtyard once more, and take the door to the east. And what to think about the guardians to my work!? Now have a look at your father’s desk. It komplettlssung to be some kind of book casket.

Use the Komplettsung on the incubator to prevent the glass from falling on the egg, then cut a hole in the glass with the Amulet remember, there’s a diamond at the top of the Amulet.

Go left and see the satellite dish. Walk over to the right side of the cellar and use the pliers on the board to remove it.

Also, use the Vodka on the Rag to obtain a Saturated Rag note: Kompllettlsung with the [Gate keeper]. Fireplace – Click the rag on the kerosene lamp to get saturated rag. Now you and Max can exchange small objects.