The most serious Maya revolt in colonial Yucatec history happened at a town called Cisteíl. Its leader was Jacinto Uc. We know him as Canek. Jacinto Canek’s life followed by just a few decades Spain’s final conquest of the last independent Mayan peoples, the Itza, in the s. Palacio del Gobernador (Governor’s Palace), Merida Picture: The Execution of Jacinto Canek – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and.

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For several years he maintained that occupation, which also served to visit part of the towns of the state and continue to know first-hand the plight of the indigenous people. Moctezuma, the name of the Aztec ruler who died during the conquest of Mexico, had become widely known throughout the Spanish colonial world.

However, the Mayas continued armed revolt against the Spanish into the 18th century, and after an interruption, into the early 20th century under Mexican jurisdiction. At Sol y Tierra you can. The great rebellion that began inknown as the Caste War, celebrated Jacinto Canek as a martyr, and his name was a slogan for revolution. Stephen Morin, serial killer convert.

The historic site caneo have been nearby, possibly a few miles farther west, closer to present Timul.

» Jacinto Canek, Mayan revolutionary

Once outside the convent, Jacinto went to work as a baker. Cnek Collective Enterprise of Survival The outcome cannek the trial was never in doubt. Many of his other followers were also put to death in various ways around the same time.

John Burnett, failson Indians had begun acting disrespectfully; some had been seen with painted faces; large numbers were disappearing from various towns and seen marching somewhere; servants were poisoning food; attackers planned to set fire to houses and chop up the residents as they ran out; rebellion was spreading throughout the peninsula.

Execution Playing Cards Exclusively available on this site: Although armed only with machetes, sharpened sticks, and a few shotguns, the Maya were ten times superior in number. That is what philosophers think. He also told them that he had several sorcerers at his service and that the victory was prophesied in the Chilam Balam. It was these monks canei gave him the opportunity to study, something forbidden to the natives at the time. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.


Canek ordered the town deputies to kill Pacheco. Among them, Latin, theology, history and grammar.

This time was different. The story develops using a series of very short vignettes, some as short as four sentences. They easily managed to take Cisteil.

In the end, the Franciscans decide to expel him from the convent, considering him a rebellious Indian. Since then he has been viewed as a jacitno and a warrior of mythic proportions.

There he assembled a force of about men who had also escaped from Cisteil. My beloved children, I do not know what you await to shake off the heavy yoke and laborious servitude in which the subjugation of the Spanish has placed you. The village was burned, and Indians were said to have perished in the blaze, including eight priests or leaders of the rebellion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He sent letters to find followers and indicated January as the chosen date.

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There he deposed the parish priest and preached from the Catholic pulpit in the Mayan tongue:. How did you hear about us? This, named Tiburcio Cosgaya, soon prepared a detachment to go to Cisteil.

What is the difference that separates men from animals? Louis Riel, Metis leader. For their part, the Spaniards were not willing to let them escape. The following day, while the priest was saying mass, Canek raised a false alarm of fire, apparently to empty the church so that he could kill the priest. Jacinto took advantage of the opportunity he had been granted and learned various subjects with the friars.


The town of Cisteil, located near Sotuta, celebrated its religious festival on November 20, The main accusation facing the indigenous leader is that of rebellion. Five for an Afghanistan coup There is division among historians, but some claim that since he began to prepare a rebellion. Canek himself escaped with a small guard, fleeing to Huntulchac.

File:Jacinto Canek.jpg

But Canek and about followers were then apprehended at Sibac. At that time the rebels thought that their uprising could succeed.

To this crime they add that of sacrilege and have proclaimed themselves king. It was during this period that he earned the nickname of Jacinto Canek, taken from the last leader of the Itza, the last Mayans who resisted the Conquest. Thinking this impertinent Indian must be drunk or crazy, Pacheco dismissed him angrily. Memory allows us to rise to a state, not available to the mind alone, where everything is present. The economic, educational and rights situation of the indigenous people in the time of Canek condemned them, without remedy, to remain in the poorest part of society.

Canek, Jacinto (c. –) |

Within days of the Cosgaya massacre, all the district military commanders received orders to call up militias, post sentries, confiscate firearms from Indians, and detain the Maya caciques. Canek told his followers that the ultimate victory of the Mayas canei already written in Chilam Balam manuscripts. If already the way to execute Canek should serve as a warning to future rebels, the Spaniards are not satisfied with that. It was precisely the knowledge acquired and his natural gifts that made him begin to become aware of how badly his people lived.