18 Series of IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS (IRR) OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. Pursuant to Section 4(h), Article II of Republic Act No. Submission of Fire and Safety Assessment Report (FALAR). Memorandum Circular No. New Electrical Engineering Law (RA ). • NBC FORMS. • LEGAL OPINIONS. • P.D. (National Building Code ). • R.A. (Civil Engineering Law). • R.A. (New Architecture Act of ).

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RA 7920 and IRR

Opinion on and Interpretation of RA and the Board’s Rules and Regulations – The Board in the discharge of its quasi-legislative rule-making power may issue an opinion on, construction, or interpretation of, any provision of RAof the Board’s Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics, policies, issuances, etc.

Violation of any provision of R. Terms of Office of Board Members. Register successful applicants for professional electri-cal engineers and applicants who have passed the li-censure examinations for registered master electriciansand issue the corresponding certificates of registrationand professional licenses;f. Proof of Philippine Citizenship, e.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

That the scope of work to be performed by saidforeign professionals shall be limited only to theparticular work for which they were contracted;iii.

Render decision, order or resolution on preliminaryinvestigation or inquiry, on undocketed cases and ondocketed administrative cases against examinees orregistrants which shall become final and executoryunless appealed with the Commission within fifteen 15 days from receipt of the copy thereof. In the event of refusal to issue certificatesfor any reason, the Board shall give the applicant a writtenstatement setting forth the reasons for such action, whichstatement shall be incorporated in the records of the Board.

Prior to writing the report, the proposed title and outline shall be submitted to the Board for approval as to subject matter, organization, technical content and presentation. However, persons properly qualified and licensed asprofessional electrical engineers may, among themselves,form a partnership association and collectively render elec-trical engineering service.

Subject to the approvalof the Commission, the Board may, after the expiration ofone 1 year from the date of revocation of a certificate, forreasons it may deem sufficient, entertain application for anew certificate in the same manner as application for anoriginal one. Affidavits signed by three licensed professional electrical engineers to the effect that the experience record submitted by the applicant is factual and that the technical paper submitted was actually and solely prepared by the applicant.

Not be an official nor a member of the faculty of, norhave a pecuniary interest in, any university, college,school or institution conferring a bachelors degree inelectrical engineering for at least three 3 years priorto his appointment, and is not connected with a reviewcenter or with any group or association where classesor lectures in preparation for the licensure examina-tions are offered or conducted at the time of his ap-pointment.


Unnecessary and irrelevant data, charts, drawings, irf and information not referred to in the discussion shall be avoided. Removal of Board Members. Except as otherwiseprovided in this Act, every electric plant, industrial plant orfactory, commercial establishment, institutional building,watercraft, electric locomotive or in other installation wherepersons and properties are exposed to electrical hazardsshall not have less than the following complement of pro-fessional electrical engineer, registered electrical engineer,and registered master electrician: Any official action of the Board other than a decision,resolution or order issued in an administrative case shallbe valid, enforceable, and effective only after it shall havebeen approved by the Commission and published in theOfficial Gazette or newspaper of general circulation.

Examinees report of rating shall bemailed within one 1 month from the date of the release. Board – Board rx Electrical Engineering e. Provided, however, That in all the aforementionedcases, additional qualified personnel shall be employed toensure safe operation and safeguard public welfare, lifeand property: An Electrical Engineer should, before un-dertaking any engagement or entering into any contractswhich calls for his professional service that will require orneed the use of apparatus, other equipment or things inwhich he has financial interest, have such situation clari-fied in the contract or agreement to avoid conflict of in-terests.

R.A. NO. by Ian Punzalan on Prezi

To qualified applicants for examination, notice of ad-mission shall be issued not later than ten 10 days prior tothe first day of examination. If, for any reason, anysection or provision of the herein Rules and Regulationsor the application of such rules and regulations or provi-sion to any rz or circumstance is declared unconstitu-tional, unlawful or invalid, no other section or provision ofthis Rules and Regulations shall be affected thereby.

Published on Nov View Download Adecision of suspension, revocation of the certificate ofregistration, or delisting from the roll by the Board asprovided herein, may be appealed initially to the Com-mission within fifteen 15 days from receipt thereof.

That prior to commencing work, the foreign pro-fessional shall secure a special permit from theCommission;iv.

If disapproved, the Board shall advise the appli-cant citing the reasons therefore. Individual members of suchpartnerships or associations shall be responsible for theirown respective acts. Vacancies in the Board shall be filled by the Presidentfrom the list of recommendees selected by the Commis-sioner who were from the list of nominees submitted by theintegrated and accredited association for the unexpiredterm only. The Board in the dis-charge of its quasi-legislative rule-making power may is-sue an opinion on, construction, or interpretation of anyprovision of R.

Has completed a four-year high school educationor its equivalent and, in addition, has a subsequentspecific record of at least five 5 years of appren-ticeship in electric wiring, installation, operationand maintenance of utilization devices andequipment. Action on Papers, Communications or OtherDocuments. Promulgate rules and regulations including a code ofethics, administrative policies, orders and issuancesto carry out the provisions of this Act;i.


The policies,resolutions, rules and regulations, orders or decisionissued or promulgated by the Board shall 790 subject tothe review and approval by the Commission; however,the Boards decisions, resolutions or orders which arenot interlocutory, rendered in an administrative case,shall be subject to review only if on appeal.

He shall submit therelevant and essential requirements of Rule Re-examination of Failed Subjects. Done ga the City of Manila this 31st day of August, Itshall be unlawful for any person not authorized under thisAct to prepare plans, designs, valuations or specificationsfor any electrical wiring, equipment or system; and no in-stallation thereof shall be undertaken unless the plans, de-signs, valuations, and specifications have been preparedby or under the responsible charge of, and signed andsealed by a professional electrical engineer; and a con-struction permit r the execution thereof is first secured;and unless the work is done in accordance with the Philip-pine Electrical Code and is executed under the respon-sible charge or supervision of a professional electrical en-gineer, a registered electrical engineer, or a registeredmaster electrician, as raa case may be, and the routinaryfiscal and ministerial requirement of the governmentagency, if any, exercising jurisdiction over the particularinstallation have been complied with.

Power and Duties of the Board. Five 5 copies shallbe submitted to the Commission, four 4 of which willbe retained by the Commission, and the fifth copy shallbe returned to the applicant after his copy has beenstamped Received. The Boards or Commissions decision isappealable by the respondent to the Court of Appeals inaccordance with the procedures provided 792 the Rulesof Court.

Prescribed, amend or revised the requirements for pro-fessional electrical engineers and subjects in the licen-sure examinations for registered master electriciansand their relative weights, subject to the approval ofthe Commission;e. Ra Final Documents. An Electrical Engineer should observe a System ofmoral principles and values, not in passive recognition, butas a set of dynamic standards to guide his conduct andway of life.

An Electrical Engineer should not be finan-cially interested in the bids of a contractor on competitivework for which lrr has been or expects to be employed asan engineer, unless he has the consent of his client of em-ployer. An rx for the examination asRegistered Master Electrician shall submit the following: The CPE guidelines shall be prescribed and pro-mulgated by the Board subject to the approval of the Com-mission, after consultation with the integrated and accred-ited electrical engineering associations, other associationsof the electrical engineering profession, and other con-cerned sectors.

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