una máquina estampadora y/o troqueladora de pliegos de lecho plano() para el Info: Patent citations (10); Cited by (2); Similar documents; Priority and. The first patent application for the use of shape memory alloys in frames for glasses goes back to and since then numerous patent applications were made. Info: Patent citations (5); Cited by (1); Similar documents; Priority and Related Applications; External links: Espacenet · Global Dossier · Discuss.

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Processing station 2, 3 according to one of claims 3 to 5, characterized in that the processing station 3, 4 has a control unit 15 controlling at least one drive 26 using a number default sample sheets 6. While the lifting tool 21 is in the temporary housing of Fig.

Si un metal con memoria de forma se somete a esfuerzos externos por ejemplo, si se somete a estiramientola martensita comienza a formarse, dentro de un intervalo de temperatura adecuado.

DE DEA1 en Ahora el macho de prensa 5 marcha hacia abajo y conforma las piezas de trabajo. In an advantageous development of the invention the holding device can be formed by the guide rails extending in a direction transverse to the stroke direction of the press ram and between the two press frame portions.

The reason for this equivalence has not yet been fully explained because of the difficulty in making a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between the microstructural deformations and macroscopic properties of NiTi alloys. The transformation from austenite to martensite takes place between the starting temperature of the martensite Ms and the final temperature of the martensite Mf. This is possible advantageously even when a sheet is to be extracted sample, driving the processing station may be coupled to the main drive of all the processing stations of the printing machine.

EST3 – Method for manufacturing spectacle frames and / or parts. – Google Patents

The rails gripping 29, 30 may have fasteners not shown for instance clamps or aspirators for clamping workpieces, not shown. Brazo saliente extension arm. DE Panos en At the same time the ball 45 is arranged, under prestress, p.

In fact, different methods of preparing alloys tend to obtain products, in particular NiTi wires, with considerable differences in the final properties.


ES2292892T3 – Press or punch. – Google Patents

In an advantageous further processing station it has an output sample sheets can be made such as box or bin. Then grip rails 29, 30 are moved upward in the Z direction and are displaced by linear drives X, in the X direction until the next press zone. With this technique, it is possible to measure the heat exchanged by a sample with the surrounding ptente during a complete thermal cycle.

Los carros de guiado 40, 41, estampaadora, 53 forman la base para el eje X.

Quantumes – Home

Es decisivo que la distancia entre el alojamiento Puesto que los productos finales pueden ser envases 15 sofisticados en cuanto a la realizacion tecnica y grafica por ejemplo, envases para cosmetica, cigarrillos, farmacia, productos alimenticios, etc. Pattente posibilita al operario de la maquina extraer de forma facil el pliego de muestra. La muestra vuelve a su forma inicial dentro de este estampadoar de temperatura. Estacion de procesamiento 2, 3 segun una de las reivindicaciones 3 a 5, caracterizada por que la estampadoda de procesamiento 3, 4 posee una unidad estapadora control 15 que controla el al menos un accionamiento 26 utilizando un numero predeterminado de pliegos de muestra 6.

En la maquina los pliegos a estampar son alineados con ajuste preciso en una instalacion de alineacion, son recibidos por un carro de pinzas y posicionados exactamente en el dispositivo de estampacion entre una mesa inferior montada fija y una mesa superior desplazable verticalmente mediante una palanca articulada o engranaje excentrico.

The aim of the present invention to identify an alloy with shape memory properly processed, which overcomes the drawbacks of the known and in patentee art to provide alloys with shape memory, together with their processing, which reduce the complexity of manufacturing components for spectacle frames and allow components to be perfectly adaptable to the wearer’s face by means of plastic deformation is obtained.

En este caso, los pliegos In this case, the sheets 20 impresos y apilados sobre una plataforma de carga son conducidos a la maquina estampadora. The wire is subsequently subjected to a deformation process capable of redistributing evenly strain hardening through suitable mechanical processing, for example, producing strong and repeated deformations to the material with only slight modifications of the cross section.

This publication describes a device for transferring workpieces through a series of processing stations of a press, the device having a holding device for taking the workpieces.


Grabado y corte de cuero con láser

Here are well recognized gripping rails 29 and 30 which move in the direction X1, X2 direction, estampadorw Y1 and Y2 direction or Y3 e Y4 and the Z1 and Z2 direction. In this case, as expected, there is clear evidence of transformation peaks and can be identified with estamapdora, temperatures Ms, Mf, As and Af. Tambien las practicas ejercidas en el procesamiento posterior, como estampacion con punzon, eliminacion de esquinas y estampacion de registros 10 pertenecen a este campo.

The sheets 6 are extracted from a stack by a feeder 1 driven system sheet transport 7 and gripped by its front edge by clips fixed in chucks bars of a gripper carriage 8 and are driven intermittently in the direction of sheet transport B through different stations 2, 3 and 4 of the punching and embossing machine The press ram 5 is in this moment in a raised position.

Processing station 3, 4 according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the lifting tool There is excellent workability after production as for example, when necessary, the pin can patentw bent gradually to overcome the superelastic limit and conserve the additional plastic deformation.

The deformation is applied to the martensitic phase causing a permanent deformation evident. The processing of shape memory alloys from this point of view is neither an easy nor obvious task and different procedures have been suggested in patents and articles for controlling the lpanos properties.

Thus it is possible guiding rigidity even higher for motor cars. These properties can be optimized with a view to the use of NiTi elements in the production estamparora frames for glasses. In this specification estammpadora it must be made stamping, but should not have taken place at least separation into individual copies. Esta variacion de la distancia se produce en una forma de realizacion especialmente ventajosa, y por tanto preferida, por un movimiento de elevacion, en particular un movimiento puramente vertical de la herramienta elevable.

A machine controller 15 controls the courses within the machine stamper