It felt also strange to think that TSR could have put an entirely new fantasy rpg game in without me ever noticing. My first thought was it. A list of products, cover scans, and sources for purchase of these out-of-print books for the various Conan role playing games. Lost Game Safari: The Conan RPG from TSR By Jeff Mejia Conan. With the exception of the works of Professor Tolkien, no other character of.

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The victim has a chance to save themselves, but it still makes insta-kills possible. Now, I can definitely appreciate the elegance of the system and would love to give it a try.

Conan The Mercenary Module Cn2 TSR 7402 Conan RPG RARE OOP D&d OSR

All the stories are set in the world of the Hyborian Age. The “character folio” i. Conann would remove Languages as Talents and have characters learn a new language after living in the area for a while with a successful Knowledge roll.

In my youth when I still had eyes to see, I worked as a sailor on a ship that went into the Black Kingdoms bringing back hoards of Ivory.

While I’m here – would anyone with a Kindle mind checking out the.

I bought the TSR Conan game new off the shelf when it first came out and still have it. Now I appreciate it as a classic in donan design. I still think that way today, which is why I see it as a good thing for a group to play many different RPGs so long as it doesn’t give way to the dreaded “gamer ADD”. S’mon November 20, tr 5: At the very least, let me know when you want to run the game as I would love to play it. If you are looking for simplicity, it is fun and easy to learn.


The rlg of the adventure cover is a detailed map of the area around the Vilayet Sea. The modules made for it are Every time the character takes a magical Talent or learns a spell they gain 1 more rank of the Obsession Talent.

Sub-Radar-Mike November 20, at 3: Wednesday, June 6, Retrospective: Howards’s legendary barbarian, Conan of Cimmeria, it can be played many times without repeating the same adventure. Roberts who was convinced that there was “an age undreamed of” in prehistory.

Faoladh June 7, at 1: I also tsg a Mongoose Conan listmania page ] It is very simple to use, uses a resolution table similar to what I remember from the James Bond game with quality results; the ambiguity of magic was bost it’s best and weakest point.

All this not only makes it difficult to tell what should be rolled, but also what should be used in opposition, or what difficulty should be applied.

There is also a pretty large chance of failure for the more powerful spells, even if the wizard is highly skilled. At the time, I thought the game sucked horribly. Special financing available Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time.


Resume making your offerif the page does not update immediately. Animal Aversion is actually something we see in the stories. Mark Rouleau June 6, at 6: Just as well presented is the game’s setting, which is presented in the form of a faux notebook written by an archeologist named Ervin H. It was more of a creative use of what you find lying around game. I think I’d like it much better now. I have the modules as well.

Barlow, and Wilfred Blanch Talman. Only ‘Conan’ on the cover is rpf allowed. No additional import charges at delivery! Annoyingly, the core boxed set mentions a Referee’s Pack that was never published.

The Lair of the Evil DM: The Conan RPG from TSR

I never gave it a chance either, but will look with renewed enthusiasm! Beginning characters start off really weak. Although backed by foreigners, the captain and crew are Argossean. These modules seemed especially constrained, besides Conan being expected to be the “main character. Steve Jackson Games I remain amazed at how often TSR produced RPGs whose rulebooks were 64 pages or under; it’s frankly a thing of beauty — all the moreso because, in most cases, these games didn’t need to be any longer.

Stories, books Books Conan books.