Read heart touching Poetry (Shayari), quotes and thought of Bahadur Shah Zafar and shared with your family and friends. 47 Records Bahadur Shah Zafar Poetry – Read poetry of Famous Poet Bahadur Shah Zafar – Bahadur Shah Zafar Ghazals, Bahadur Shah Zafar Nazams. Read our best collection of Bahadur Shah Zafar poetry and ghazals. His shayari and ghazals are very popular and inspire many poetry lovers. “Kulliyat-I-Zafar”.

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He lies buried there today and his tomb has become a popular shrine, to which devotees congregate in large numbers.

Bahadur Shah Zafar Poetry – Ghazals

Abdul – USA You will not know. This incessant world is a vile place, O Zafar, Its cities should have been desolate and dire.

When Indian politicians bahdaur people visit Mayanmar then most probably they visit grave of Bahurdur Shah Jafar located in Yangon, Mayanmar. Thank you for the article.

Bahadur Shah Zafar Poetry – Ghazals and SMS | Sad

You made me poor, bahqdur only for sifting through dust, And I wish the dust of her feet were my trials. ZulfiqaR Nov 09, His most famous poem is na kissi ki aankh kaa noor hhoon, and lagta nahin hai dil mera adopted in the movie Lal Quilla. Dynastic rules end when the inheritors are unfit to rule. Any ghazal, poem written by Maharaja Ranjit Singh?


Omar Nov 10, I love such insightful journeys into zafwr. Ahmed Nov 09, If you made me intoxicated with love, Why did you make the measure of life small vials?

Who has ever felt satisfied in this futile world? Nick Nov 09, A wretched heart torn a hundred zadar over lives, To be the shoulder to rest her hair is my desire. Raj Nov 10, Abdus S Chaudhry Nov 10, Bahadur Shah was the dying light of an already dead empire.

Yar Tha Gulzar Tha yar tha gulzar tha bad-e-saba thi main na tha layaq-e-pa-bos-e-jan kya hina thi main na tha hath kyon bandhe mere chala agar chori hua ye sarapa shokhi-e-rang-e-hina thi main na tha main ne pucha kya hua wo ap ka husn-o-shabab hans k bola wo sanam shan-e-Khuda thi main na tha main sisakta rah gaya aur mar gaye farahad-o-qais kya unhin donon k hisse mein qaza thi main na tha. Amjad h Mirza Nov 09, The writer Nov 10, Hence Mughal king Shah Alam was also known as king of 14sqkm.

I have got the blessed eye of faith, O Zafar, from something I have moved to somewhat. Asiya Nov 11, Dil Ki Meri Beqarari Mujh Se dil ki meri beqarari mujh se kuch pucho nahin shab ki meri ah-o-zari mujh se kuch pucho nahin bar-e-gam se mujh pe bbahadur mein ik ik ghari kya kahun hai kaisi bhari mujh se kuch pucho nahin meri surat hi se bas malum kar lo ham-damo tum haqiqat meri sari mujh se kuch pucho nahin sham se ta-subah jo bistar pe tum bin rat ko main ne ki akhtar-shumari mujh se kuch pucho nahin ai “Zafar” jo hal hai mera karunga gar bayan hogi un ki sharm-sari mujh se kuch pucho nahin.


Every rise has a fall. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: These heroes deserve to rest in bahadir historic city of their ancestors. For you, I wandered streets with tearful eyes, Setting my heart on you was misery. He used to say that Britishers should respect sovereignty of India and leave our country India, and go back to their own country.

You spend time either to be a philosopher or to administer your country! Emad Nov 09, Bahadur Shah Zafar was last Mughal emperor in India. There is no university, library or hospital built by Mogals.

Shayari of Bahadur Shah Zafar | Rekhta

It has spreaded thorns in the garden of hearts of mine. Imran Nov 09, Observer We should not lose this treasure. His poetries, thoughts and quotes teaches many lessons for life. Dillivala Nov 10,