Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes. July 16 CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL LAW Page 1 of Lecture & Recitation Notes Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL LAW 1. June 17, Introduction to Criminal Law Q: What is. View Notes – Criminal-Law-Amurao-Notes from LAW at Jose Rizal University. CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty.

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Same as that prescribed in Art Proximate cause is that cause which sets into motion other causes and which unbroken amurak any efficient supervening cause produces a felony without which such felony could not have resulted As a general aamurao, the offender is criminally liable for all the consequences of his felonious act, although not intended, if the felonious act is the proximate cause of the felony or resulting felony.

Paid 50k to kill Amurao. Is B liable for perjury? If the receptacle was sealed or closed, the crime committed is robbery with force upon things. It is enough that it is authorized by law. They are blood relatives Q: If there is no violation during the during the special period, the notfs will issue an order for final discharge 2. What are the re3uirements? RRO 5 rohibition in a certain lace or laces desi nated in the con! It turns out, M and X had the same name. Supposing, there was no conspiracy, what will happen?


The chief agreed and did not deploy his amhrao. In both, there is intimidation. When did the R’C too6 effect?

CRIM2 Amurao Notes – For Distribution – PDF Free Download

NO, because the situation was in an indeterminate sta e wherein it could not be determined what the accused intended to do NO! No, as a eneral rule – 8cetion: Self-defense — right to punish; protect society from the threat or wrong 3.

What crime may he be liable for? Will surrender only if 1 He is given special treatment 2 ref 3 aircon Voluntary surrender?

Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes

Maximo Amurao 5 co! Incompatible with casual encounter- even if 1 nites 2 were present, if 3 is lacking, there is no treachery. Police officer made the arrest because he saw the killing. They can no longer be appreciated to impose penalty in the maximum. Before the day period elapsed, A withdrew the amount sufficient to cover the value of the check. Maximo Amurao What is the re3uired a e difference?

He did not see them in the act of sexual intercourse. The RPC is classical and recent laws enacted by the legislature are positivist in nature.

Amudao is the remedy is available to him to be able to visit his sick mother during the service of his sentence? May he be zmurao H executes an affidavit under oath stating he is single but the truth is was already married for five years. No, first cousin not contemlated under! Suppose accused is a HD, will there be prospective or retroactive application of criminal law? Parricide — 6illin a relati! Must be within his jurisdiction. Infanticide or abortion to conceal disgrace or dishonor.


Can he avail of the benefits of Article ? It just so happened that the victim did not die because of the prompt and efficient medical assistance given to the victim.

noes One day, the clerk ran out of cash so he got P20 thousand from the exhibit. Who has the power to define crimes? No- no lon er an inte ral art of the house- 2ictim inside car- Car is in carort?

There is no complex crime of estafa through falsification of a private document since both have the same element — damage.

Does PH include warship? Irresistible Force — involves the use of violence or physical force to anurao Uncontrollable Fear — involves the use of threat or intimidation to compel Article 12 7 — Failure to Perform a Lawful Act Due to Lawful or Insuperable Cause – Elements: SC issued a circular instructing lower courts to impose only the penalty of a fine.

Crime committed in manila Q: Is the crime committed a special complex crime of robbery with arson? Accidental meeting between offender and offended?

The violence exerted against the pregnant woman must be intentional.